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Alison Vignault

artiste plasticienne

   Alison Vignault is a multidisciplinary artist born in Courcouronnes (Paris region) working in photography, drawing and volume.
  After growing up in China, she started her art education at preparatory school Prép’Art in Paris, and continued her studies at TALM Superior School of Art and Design in Tours, where she obtained her MFA in 2019. She works in Gagny (Paris region) since 2020.
  Her work explores the human experience and social condition through inner turmoil and external interactions. She draws inspiration from the complexity of human interactions and the relationship between the individual and their environment. Her work is primarily based on photography, a trace of a gaze and a presence in the occupied, shared, and negotiated space, which nurtures an imagery of interiority sometimes bordering on abstraction.

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